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Divorce and family law questions Below are a list of frequently asked questions about family law and divorce. Click a question to show the answer.

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Q. I’m worried about the welfare of my grandchildren. Can I arrange for them to live with me?
Q. I’ve lost contact with my grandchildren since my son left his wife. What can I do?
Q. My ex-partner doesn’t want me to take our 13 year old son trekking in Peru. Can his dad stop me?
Q. My ex wife says I can’t take my kids to Florida for 3 weeks next summer. Can I?
Q. If I have parental responsibility for my child do I automatically have contact rights?
Q. I’ve got parental responsibility so why am I told I can’t have access to my children?
Q. I cannot afford the CSA demands what can I do?
Q. If I leave will I be allowed to see my children?
Q. How much child maintenance will I get?
Q. Can the children still live with me?
Q. As soon as I mentioned divorce to my husband he said he'd stop paying to support our children. Help!
Q. If I agree to a divorce from my wife, will she automatically get custody of our children?

Civil Partnerships

Q. Will I get maintenance from my ex-civil partner?
Q. Can I get divorced?

Divorce and Separation

Q. What is family mediation?
Q. Can I get a divorce based on my own adultery?
Q. Does a divorce include sorting out the house and finances?
Q. I’ve heard that a divorce takes years and costs thousands of pounds – is this true?
Q. Can we separate without getting a divorce?
Q. Will I have to appear in court?
Q. Can I start the divorce?
Q. How do I get a divorce?
Q. How much does a divorce cost?


Q. Can I take my children abroad to live?
Q. Do I need an expat divorce?


Q. What if my name is not on the marital home?
Q. How much maintenance will I get?
Q. Who will decide who gets what if we split?
Q. Will I have to sell the house if we get divorced?
Q. As soon as I mentioned divorce my husband said he'd stop paying to support our children. Help.
Q. What if my partner won’t leave our shared property?
Q. What if my partner leaves, but stops paying the bills?

Unmarried Couples

Q. I paid for a new kitchen in my girlfriend’s flat. We've split up, can I get the money I paid back?
Q. I am buying a new property jointly with my new partner, if he pays the deposit does that matter?
Q. I am moving in with my boyfriend will I have a claim on his house if we split up?
Q. Will a prenuptial agreement stand up in court?
Q. How do I get a prenuptial agreement?
Q. What is a prenuptial agreement?
Q. Do I need a prenuptial agreement?
Q. Will I get maintenance?
Q. What are my rights if we separate?
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