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If you need legal advice in any area of divorce or matrimonial law, Woolley & Co, Solicitors, a leading family law firm, can help.

Our lawyers are very experienced, expertly trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of divorceunmarried couples’ rightsfinancial settlements and issues involving children.

As one of the largest teams of family law solicitors in the country, you will have access to expert advice and support on all aspects of family law.

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Our family law team

As a specialist family law firm, Woolley & Co, Solicitors work only in the area of family law. All our lawyers are fully trained divorce and family law specialists, and each has many years’ experience in their field. They are all used to dealing with complex legal issues and many are also able to advise on divorce with an international element or where there are issues of international jurisdiction.

Although our lawyers are selected for their legal ability, they are also chosen for the client care skills and as you will see from our client reviews the service offered is first class. Advice is delivered with care and compassion, explaining the inevitable legal jargon along the way.

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What does family law cover?

Family law is a wide-ranging area of law. Anything related to divorceseparation and family matters is included. The solicitors in our family law firm will tend to cover all areas, although some may specialise in order to offer expert advice in a particular field.

At Woolley & Co, Solicitors our lawyers offer advice in areas including:

Marriage, civil partnerships, divorce and separation

Our friendly and knowledgeable family lawyers take care of the legal aspects of pre-marital agreements as well as dealing with divorce and relationship breakdown, providing all the advice and support you need to bring an end to your marriage or civil partnership.


Couples who choose to live together but not marry are not covered by the same laws as married couples. When they separate however, they often need to resolve issues around the care of their children and the division of property and finances. This is a specialist area of law with which Woolley & Co, Solicitors can help.

Financial settlements

Woolley & Co, Solicitors provide expert advice on the financial aspects of divorce and financial settlements. The team at our family law firm can help you reach an agreement with your ex amicably, support you through family mediation, or prepare and represent you through the Court process.

Children and parents

Our friendly, sympathetic team can help with contact arrangements, advice on your rights and responsibilities as a parent, and the rights of your child. In all cases our approach is to try and help you reach agreement as parents, but if this is not possible our lawyers can represent you through the Court process.

Resolving disputes

When a couple divorce or separate they can find it difficult to reach an agreement on things like finances and the care for their children. Our family lawyers are very experienced in working through disputes and reaching outcomes. This may be achieved through negotiation or through a more formal process like arbitration or a Court hearing. The relevant options will be discussed with you throughout your case.

Trusted and accredited family law firm

Leading Family Law Firm UK

The firm has been recognised as a Leading Firm for Family Law by Legal 500, an independent guide to leading law firms.

“Specialist firm Woolley & Co, Solicitors has a well-regarded team, which is sought out for contested divorces involving children, high-value financial settlement disputes, cross-border finance and pension disputes.” Legal 500, East Midlands

“Woolley & Co, Solicitors is a nationwide family law firm that has 23 partners, four of whom operate from East Anglia. [They] are all ‘engaging and self-motivating individuals with a lot of experience’. They handle complex cases involving leave to remove, difficult child arrangements cases, cross-border divorce, and multimillion-pound financial disputes.” Legal 500 East Anglia

“Woolley & Co, Solicitors provides a ‘knowledgeable and conciliatory approach to all family law matters’. These include divorce and matrimonial issues for British expats, high-value and complex financial settlement cases involving pensions, business interests, buy-to-let and overseas properties, annulment and disputed divorce and nullity cases, and implacable hostility and complex children cases.” Legal 500 South West

“Woolley & Co, Solicitors has a strong reputation for family and matrimonial law expertise in the West Midlands, with notable strengths in advising on divorces involving British expatriates, annulments and implacable hostility.” Legal 500 West Midlands

Reasons to choose Woolley & Co, Solicitors

We realise you have a choice of family law firms to handle your divorce, separation or child contact issues. Here are a few reasons to choose Woolley & Co, Solicitors:

  • Results focused – We aim to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients in every single case. Sometimes that means agreeing a settlement and not wasting money fighting through the courts, at other times it means pursuing a case tirelessly.
  • Family law experts – We have one of the largest family law teams in the country which means your lawyer has access to over 500 years’ worth of legal expertise, within the firm. Our team includes specialists in pensions on divorce, international divorce, cross border disputes about children and complex financial cases. We don’t dabble, we specialise.
  • A non-confrontational approach – Our lawyers are professionals; they can be tough when needed but we don’t believe in an old-fashioned adversarial style which can cause costs to escalate. All our lawyers are members of Resolution, an organisation committed to a non-confrontational approach to family law.
  • Speed & flexibility – We are often complimented on our levels of service from clients and pride ourselves on our efficiency.
  • Friendly & approachable – Our lawyers are ‘normal’ people, not ivory towered legal types. Although the legal world is full of jargon, we avoid it where possible, and if we must use legal terms, we will always explain what they mean.
  • Clear & fixed prices – We realise the importance of being able to budget. For many services we therefore offer a fixed price for the work that we do. In all cases your lawyer will provide you with details of all costs before any work is started.

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