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Divorce Applicant

Applicant divorce/dissolution in the UK

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Divorce/Dissolution (applicant)
£500.00 exc VAT

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This fixed price is relevant if you are the one initiating the divorce/dissolution proceedings (the applicant) and you would like a Woolley & Co lawyer to complete all of the divorce paperwork and apply for the divorce or civil partnership dissolution on your behalf.

Our fixed price applicant divorce is for you if you want:

  • all your divorce paperwork taken care of
  • guaranteed fees
  • advice from an experienced divorce and family lawyer
  • access to your lawyer by email and direct dial telephone
  • a lawyer who explains everything in plain English

Your lawyer will correspond on your behalf with the other parties involved (your spouse and their solicitor, if appropriate) and prepare and file all the relevant papers with the Court to obtain a divorce/dissolution.

Fixed price applicant divorce

Our fees: £500.00
VAT on our fees: £100.00
Court fees: £593.00
Total: £1,193.00

You will be allocated a family lawyer to handle your divorce.  They will be selected from amongst our team of fully qualified and experienced family law experts.

You will be provided with email, direct dial and mobile telephone contact numbers for your lawyer and be served under our terms and conditions which include a number of guaranteed service standards offered to all clients.

Work included in the fixed price
We will make an application for divorce on your behalf and:

  • collect all relevant details from you and complete the online application
  • explain the procedure and timetable to you and help you understand the process
  • follow and advise on Court procedure to apply for both the Conditional Order and Final Order for divorce/dissolution
  • answer your questions and concerns about the process and consequences of divorce/dissolution
  • advise on the legal implications of ending your marriage or civil partnership and suggest further steps you may need to take

Throughout the process your lawyer will keep you informed of progress.

This fee assumes there are no additional issues to be resolved (for example not being able to trace or serve the application on your spouse; needing to obtain a copy or translation of your marriage certificate; or your spouse attempting to disrupt the process). It also assumes there is no dispute over who should pay the costs of the divorce/dissolution.

If you need advice on reaching a financial settlement with your partner or arrangements for your children this is likely to involve additional work which your lawyer will explain.

Any extra work and costs will be discussed and agreed with you before any work is undertaken.

Court fees
The divorce Court will require you to pay standard government fees. These are currently £593.00 payable when the petition is filed. This is included in our total cost for a fixed price divorce.

Why pay a fixed price?

By paying a fixed price at the start of your case you have certainty about the costs involved. The alternative is to pay an hourly rate for the time your lawyer spends on your case. We believe you should pay for the work that needs to be done, rather than the time it takes to do it.

Need advice before booking a fixed price divorce?

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Divorce/Dissolution (applicant)
£500.00 exc VAT

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