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How much does family law advice cost?

A flexible approach to legal advice, putting you in control

We realise that everyone’s needs for legal advice are different, that’s why we offer a flexible approach to accessing our services. When you first speak to one of our lawyers they will explain the options open to you and how much each might cost. Whenever possible we prefer to quote a fixed price for the work that we do.

Full service

This is suitable when you want a lawyer to help you with all aspects of your divorce or family law matter. You are likely to need this service if you are in dispute about finances or the future living and care arrangements for your children. A senior family lawyer will be allocated to your case and they will take care of every aspect of your case, providing advice and support at every stage. Your lawyer will explain the costs of each stage and where possible agree a fixed price for specific pieces of work.


Sometimes you may only need advice on a very specific area of law or a particular issue you currently face. By choosing to ‘pay-as-you-go’ you can call upon the advice of a lawyer as and when you need them. You will be responsible for progressing your case but will have the support of an experienced family lawyer, when you need it. Your lawyer will explain the costs for this service, although it is likely that you will choose to buy blocks of time for advice from your lawyer. This is suitable for anyone applying for a divorce directly or choosing to represent themselves in family court hearings. Pay-as-you-go from just £250 plus VAT.

Help with the paperwork

The documents required by the courts can be difficult to understand for the uninitiated. Some people choose to seek help to complete these forms, as getting things wrong can result in additional costs. For a fixed price a qualified family lawyer can review your completed forms and advice on any errors or omissions. This is suitable for anyone applying for a divorce directly.

Fixed price services

For many services we offer a published fixed price. Details of our fixed price services are available here. In other instances your lawyer will be able to explain likely costs having discussed your case and understood the work involved to get you to a particular stage.

How much could it cost to reach an agreement?

Children & Divorce: How much could it cost to reach an agreement?

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