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The rights of unmarried couples living together & when splitting up

The myth of common law rights

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When a cohabiting, unmarried couple separate the legal issues are somewhat different than for a couple who have the legal protection of marriage. A myth still perpetuates that a couple who have been living together for a long time or have children together are ‘common law husband and wife.’ There is no such thing.

Whilst married couples have certain rights under English law, relating to finances and children, cohabiting couples do not have the same legal rights.

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Getting together – making it legal

Few people remember the legal implications of marriage which include the financial ties created between two people and the rights that marriage gives to fathers in terms of parental responsibility for any children of that relationship.

For those couples choosing to live together and not get married a living together agreement, sometimes called a cohabitation agreement, can provide some legal protection.

With more and more people choosing to live together rather than get married cohabitation agreements, sometimes called living together agreements are becoming more common.

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Separation for cohabitating couples

The process of separation for an unmarried couple with a living together (or cohabitation agreement) should be pretty straight-forward. If there is no living together agreement and the relationship between the couple has broken down such that they are unable to agree arrangements between themselves there may be very little that can be done using family law proceedings. If there is a joint property or business it may be possible to ask the courts to decide how this should be shared. The basis on which you own the property will be very important here (see Your rights to the family home when you separate).

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What are the Rights of Unmarried Couples?

Unmarried couples and children

The law is designed to protect children and therefore when an unmarried couple separate the concern will be for the welfare of any children of the relationship. If a couple cannot agree about where their children will live and contact arrangements  the court can be asked to consider the case and make a judgement. In an ideal world however parents should try and make arrangements and come to an agreement between themselves. If they cannot an application can be made to the courts for a Child Arrangement Order, which will set out living, care and contact arrangements for the child.

A couple should try to agree amongst themselves how they will both financially support their children once they separate but if an agreement cannot be reached you can appeal to the court to make a decision.

Advice for unmarried couples

The family lawyers at Woolley & Co can advise on all of these issues, supporting couples to come to agreements about the division of any finances and property and make arrangements for the care and support of their children, including applications for court orders.

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