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What am I entitled to in a divorce settlement?

What am I entitled to in a divorce settlement

As with many questions in family law there is no one, simple answer to the question: what am I entitled to in a divorce settlement? Every case is different because the circumstances of each couple is different. Perhaps it is better to look at what needs to be considered so…


How to divorce and remain friends

Divorcing and staying friends

As divorce lawyers we see all ends of the spectrum when it comes to how couples divorce –whether they go through the process easily and in agreement; whether they experience emotional pain and distress or whether they put the gloves on with a determination to battle and fight every step…


How to prepare and tell your partner you want a divorce

Divorce - telling your spouse

The decision to leave a marriage is not an easy one. How to explain your position to your husband or wife is often more harrowing than coming to the realisation that your marriage is over. For the party “leaving” the marriage, here are some suggestions for preparing to tell your…


Divorce tips for mums

The divorce experience is often painful for all involved. Emotions can run high and for women, especially mothers, it’s often hard to set emotions aside and approach things in a pragmatic and dispassionate way. We’re often told by our female clients that their partners lack an emotional response, which makes…


How to maintain a relationship with your ex

Too few divorcing parents consider how they will continue their relationship with each other after a divorce. Now I know this sounds a bit odd. Surely they are divorcing because they don’t want a relationship? True, but the reality is that if they have children, they will most likely have…


Divorce – sorting out the finances

Getting a divorce settlement

A divorce is a legal process to dissolve a marriage in the eyes of the law. It involves completing forms, filing of that paperwork with the courts and, inevitably, a certain financial outlay to pay for the privilege. It does not include sorting out the assets of a couple or…


Preparing to speak to a divorce lawyer

You’ve made the difficult decision to end your marriage and want to speak to a divorce lawyer. You may be nervous about the first call with your divorce lawyer or simply not know where to start. This blog will help you prepare and make the most of the conversation with…


Divorce Preparation Checklist – 5 things you didn’t know about divorce

5 Things You Don't Know About Divorce

There’s been a lot of talk in the last week about so called ‘divorce week’ at the start of January – the busiest week of the year for us divorce solicitors. Personally, I don’t think this is something to highlight. It’s like cheering when your team loses at football. This…


Divorce tips for men and dads

Divorce Tips for Men | Divorce Tips for Dads

Divorce isn’t easy for anyone involved. The husband and wife, kids, grandparents, friends. Everyone will be affected in different ways. The key thing is to navigate the process and negotiations in as calm a sea as possible. In my experience, dads can often feel like they get the rawest deal…


Divorce and stress

It costs the British economy approximately £71.1m per year according to the NHS. The personal cost is immeasurable. Its victims make up an estimated 70% of those out of work. Stress. We’ve all heard of it and at some point during our lives (probably more than we’d care to admit)…


Pros and cons of collaborative divorce

ADR seems to be a new buzz word in family law at the moment. Alternative Dispute Resolution has been mentioned much in context of family mediation, as mediation is an example of ADR. However, an alternative route to mediation is collaborative divorce. I’ve talked about collaborative family law a number…


What happens if my spouse contests the divorce?

It is very rare for the divorce itself to be contested. The divorce after all is merely the ending of the legal binds that tie a couple together. It is more often than not the points at issue will be around the children or finances of the couple. Nowadays matrimonial…


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