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How long does a divorce take in the UK?

Even if you and your former partner are on amicable terms, getting divorced can be an incredibly difficult experience to go through. The likelihood is that you’ll want the process over and done with as quickly as possible, allowing everyone involved to move forward. On 6 April 2022, new divorce…


Divorce mediation – how does it work?

Mediation is a way of resolving disputes when a couple divorce or separate. Mediation is only necessary where the couple cannot come to an agreement, either by themselves or with the help of a family law solicitor. Family mediation is often very useful in helping couples come to an agreement…


Financial considerations in a no-fault divorce

Whilst the law for divorce is becoming much clearer in offering no fault divorce from 6th April 2022, the financial implications of divorce still remain a complex area of law to navigate. And given the ease with which a couple will be able to apply for a divorce under the…


The impact of adultery on divorce in the UK

The law on divorce is changing on 6 April 2022. At that point the only ground for divorce will be the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage, it will no longer be necessary to provide a reason such as adultery. Read more about the introduction of no fault divorce here. If…


For best results in family disputes compromise, don’t litigate

Compromise don't litigate in family disputes

A recent case in the family courts has highlighted how unwilling some people can be to reach a compromise and demonstrates the enormous costs of not doing so. In the case of Crowther v Crowther & Ors costs, amounting to £2.3m, far exceeded the financial benefits achieved in the settlement….


Financial help for unmarried parents – Schedule 1 applications

Schedule 1 applications

Unmarried couples who are separating do not have the same rights and options as married couples when it comes to supporting children on separation. One partner may be faced with the prospect of being made homeless if the property they live in is registered solely in the name of their…


No fault divorce isn’t all good news

It seems so long ago that the media announced there would be ‘no fault’ divorce but I appreciate non-lawyers may not be quite as up to speed with what it all means for anyone who wants a divorce. We should all be grateful to Tina Owens whose case, Owen v…


What am I entitled to in a divorce settlement?

What am I entitled to in a divorce settlement

As with many questions in family law there is no one, simple answer to the question: what am I entitled to in a divorce settlement? Every case is different because the circumstances of each couple is different. Perhaps it is better to look at what needs to be considered so…


How to divorce and remain friends

Divorcing and staying friends

As divorce lawyers we see all ends of the spectrum when it comes to how couples divorce –whether they go through the process easily and in agreement; whether they experience emotional pain and distress or whether they put the gloves on with a determination to battle and fight every step…


How to prepare and tell your partner you want a divorce

The decision to leave a marriage is not an easy one. How to explain your position to your husband or wife is often more harrowing than coming to the realisation that your marriage is over. For the party “leaving” the marriage, here are some suggestions for preparing to tell your…


Divorce tips for mums

The divorce experience is often painful for all involved. Emotions can run high and for women, especially mothers, it’s often hard to set emotions aside and approach things in a pragmatic and dispassionate way. We’re often told by our female clients that their partners lack an emotional response, which makes…


How to maintain a relationship with your ex

Too few divorcing parents consider how they will continue their relationship with each other after a divorce. Now I know this sounds a bit odd. Surely they are divorcing because they don’t want a relationship? True, but the reality is that if they have children, they will most likely have…


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