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Special occasions for separated parents

Special occasions for separated parents

When parents separate one of the main issues of conflict relates to arrangements for the children.  I am often contacted by distressed parents who are unable to reach an agreement with their former partner as to the weekly arrangements for their children and, often disputes flare up around annual events…


Parenting when shared care = pounds and pence

A parent paying maintenance towards the care of their child will often approach our lawyers for advice when they are being denied a relationship, asking do they have to continue to pay. A recent case illustrates how complicated this area of law is. The case of EA v SSWP and…


How to tell your teenager you are separating

Telling your teenage child that you plan to divorce or separate is difficult. Their reaction is unpredictable, but you can control how and what you tell them. Some time ago one of our lawyers, Luci Larkin wrote a blog post containing 7 tips for telling your children you plan to…


How to divorce on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour

Unreasonable behaviour is by far the most common fact used in divorce. This can be almost anything but if you want your divorce to go smoothly, there are some areas to steer clear of. The current law relating to divorce proceedings dates back to 1973. Some 46 years without amendment….


A father’s rights to see his child

The issue of a father’s rights to access his children regularly hits the headlines and we certainly hear some very unfortunate tales of fathers who are denied access to see their children when parents’ divorce or separate. Having recently represented two fathers denied contact with their children, and turned things…


Your rights to the family home when you separate

As family lawyers we are often asked ‘Can my husband ask me to leave our house?’ and ‘What right do I have to stay in the family home when we split?’ This article attempts to provide answers to these questions and provide advice on the steps you might take. Separating…


An amicable approach to divorce – 6 steps to divorcing amicably

At first glance, you may think the words “amicable” and “divorce” don’t belong in the same sentence. By its very nature, a divorce means that two people no longer want to be together and have decided to go their separate ways. If everything was fine between them, this would not…


How can a sex and relationship therapist help you before, during or after a divorce?

This is a guest post by Sue Newsome, Sex and Relationship Therapist ( As an independent sex and relationship therapist, I provide support to individuals and couples who have questions, concerns or struggles with any aspect of their relationship or sex life. For this blog, I am going to assume…


Stratford family law firm embraces pilot scheme to streamline divorce and family law cases

A Stratford law firm is helping speed up and simplify family law cases for its clients by playing a leading role in a new pilot scheme for the Ministry of Justice. Woolley & Co was one of only a handful of family law firms to initially sign up to help…


Guidelines for divorcing couples – avoiding the family courts

Avoiding the family courts

There was an important message which came from two different divorce cases in the news recently – do everything you possibly can to agree on arrangements for your divorce finances without involving the courts. In the cases in questions the judges decided that the family hearings could not be held…


Divorce and business – will you have to sell the golden goose?

Divorce and business

Businesses can be a tricky and complicated area when it comes to getting a divorce and agreeing a financial settlement. Regularly, we are approached by clients who ask how they can “get their hands on” their spouse’s business assets. Conversely, there are those concerned that their partner is seeking to…


Family law solicitors ARE committed to mediation despite what you might read

Mediation in action

I was interested to read the recent article in The Times (Lawyers should stop treating mediation as a tickbox exercise) claiming divorce lawyers should stop treating mediation as a tick box exercise. In my opinion, we don’t, never have and never will. Helping people through a divorce should be a…


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