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Get a Call BackCall: 0800 321 3832

Client charter

Like all lawyers, we understand the law. Unlike all lawyers we make certain that we understand you and your needs.

We are governed by the same complex rules administered by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (which can be found at but we try to work in a way which is different to the majority of firms.

We look to work with clients to provide a service which is both professional and personal and which keeps clients informed at every stage.

Even before we fully start work on your behalf we think it is important you understand the way we work and how much we charge for our work.


In many instances we agree a fixed fee for the work that we do.  If this is not possible we charge on an hourly rate.

Fixed fee work is payable as soon as work starts.  If we are doing work at an hourly rate we will normally request a payment on account before work starts.

All invoices for work at an hourly rate are sent monthly and are due for payment within 14 days.

We ask that you pay to us fees that we have to pay out on your behalf (Court fees, barrister’s costs and so on) promptly as they become payable, often just before they are used.

We reserve the right to charge for reminder letters and interest upon any amounts outstanding after the 14-day interest free period at 15%.

Getting payment in on time is very important to us as a small firm; so much so, that we will cease work on a case if the payment requested is not received on time.

Our Commitment To You

During a normal working week we aim to:

  • Reply to all communications within 48 hours
  • Be pro-active, approachable and responsive
  • Answer your phone call to the firm personally whenever possible. When not, we provide voicemail which your lawyer has direct access to including when they are out of the office


We pride ourselves on good communication and relations with you. If, however, you feel dissatisfied with any aspect of our service please raise the issue with the person dealing with your case. You will find that they approach your concerns with speed and respect. If we have not given a service that meets your expectation, then we genuinely want to know.

In the unlikely event that we still cannot satisfy your concerns, we have a formal complaints procedure designed to address your concerns swiftly. Call our head office on 01789 330310 and ask to speak to our Practice Manager, Michelle Webley.

Who is Dealing With The Case?

As soon as your payment has been processed you will be contacted by one of our family lawyers. They will be personally responsible for any work on your case. Our senior partner, Andrew Woolley, is ultimately responsible for all work done.

If your lawyer is not available at any time you will have the opportunity to leave a message and they will contact you in accordance with our commitment above.

Your lawyer will notify you of any prolonged absences from the office (e.g. holiday or training) and make arrangements for your case to be handled by a colleague if necessary.

Identity Checks

By law we are required to apply procedures to guard against money laundering. We will therefore need to confirm your identity, which we are normally able to do using an electronic ID checker. There are occasions where we may need to have items to prove your ID (such as a passport and utility bill) and will have to make detailed enquiries of you if you send to us any cash or money from an account that is not obviously normally operated by you (and especially if you ask us to send money other than to your own account).

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