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Starting a divorce

Starting a Divorce

Abby Smith, divorce lawyer, St Neots, Cambridgeshire

Does it matter who starts a divorce?

It doesn’t really matter who starts the divorce if one of you has got grounds for the divorce or both you can either agree who is going to start or not.  But when dealing with a divorce there are issues to consider such as the cost – because the person who starts the divorce will pay the costs although they can be claimed back from the other half.  

The person who starts the divorce is in control of the divorce itself and how long it takes to go through the Court or how much we can slow it down if there are other issues going along in the background.  

Another factor to consider is the jurisdiction because if you have an international element to your divorce for example one of you is from a different country then you need to consider whether you should start the divorce in the UK or in another country and that has an issue on the financial side of it more than anything else and you would need to get specific advice on that point.

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