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Why do I need a family lawyer to get a divorce?

divorce lawyer sat at wooden table with pen and paperwork

You would think that the answer to this question is obvious, wouldn’t you? To advise on the law of course, but it is not as simple as that. Whilst there is the obvious benefit of having proper legal advice there are many other reasons to have a specialist family lawyer…


Why become a family lawyer?

Family law solicitors talk about why they became family lawyers

What connects these four statements: To Kill A Mockingbird; I wanted to help people; on a whim; and LA Law? They are all responses from Woolley & Co family lawyers to the question: What made you want to work in the legal profession? Too often solicitors are vilified unfairly. Of…


Family lawyers taking sides

Family lawyers see both sides

People in the legal profession have a bit of a bad reputation. Perhaps Shakespeare started it 500 years ago in Henry VI Part 2 when ‘Dick the Butcher’ suggested that to improve the country – ‘The First thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers’. It’s all too easy to…


How to save time and money on your divorce

Money and time saved

Getting divorced (or un-coupling as some celebs like to refer to it as), does not have to be either an expensive or lengthy exercise. I have been practising as a family lawyer for nearly 20 years so feel fairly confident that I have the experience and expertise to pass on…


12 common questions for divorce & family law solicitors

Questions divorce and family law solicitors are asked

For family lawyers the approach of Christmas heralds a number of challenges and concerns. There’s the increase in calls from distressed parents unable to reach agreement about whether their children will spend Christmas Eve with them or their ex-partner. Then there’s the rush to complete and submit paperwork to the…


What does a divorce court look like?

From TV programmes and films to the chat down the pub, mention divorce and ‘going to court’ is so often mentioned. Although many cases don’t end up in court I understand there is still a lot of confusion. It occurred to me that many people might not actually know what…


New videos make divorce advice more accessible

Trying to stay connected with clients and offer useful advice in an innovative way remains a challenge and has led to a whole new suite of short video advice clips available via the Woolley & Co website. Trying to make divorce advice more accessible is a challenge in an increasingly…


How being a mediator makes me a better family lawyer

Divorce Lawyer in St Neots, Abby Smith

Family lawyer Abby Smith explains why she was committed to becoming a family mediator and how her training has ultimately made her an even better divorce and family lawyer. When a relationship breaks down, emotions run high.  At this stressful time, people tend to want the same thing from their…


Tips for checking credentials of legal services online

I happened upon an interesting discussion on Radio 5 Live the other day about the importance of checking the credentials of legal services you seek out online. The potential for bogus law practitioners making money out of the internet is the same as in any other sector: the unqualified builder…


Why a non-confrontational divorce is best

Helping couples reach a non-confrontational solution to their separation should be right at the top of priorities for a family law specialist when taking on a new client. Our professional code of conduct dictates we should aim to do this and the practices of the “Rottweiler” lawyer have no place…


How to get the most from your divorce lawyer

When you pay for any professional service, including that of a divorce lawyer, you want to be sure you will be able to fully understand and act on their expert opinion. And you’ll want to make sure you use their time wisely and minimise the costs involved. But as most…


Inexpensive divorce is not out of reach – even in London

The cost of some divorces can be scary. If a couple are unwilling to agree on anything, are in no rush and have available funds, the costs can escalate to dizzying levels. But this is not the norm, you can access expert advice and support from an experienced family law…


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