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Family Law Blog : Nuptial agreements

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Can I sign a prenuptial agreement after I’m married?

couple holding hands

This is a question we’re hearing from more and more couples. In some instances, it’s when we tell them they have left it too late to get a prenup before marriage. Whilst called something slightly different there is an equivalent that can be prepared and signed after the marriage or…


Can Prince Harry help us make 2018 the Year of the Pre-nup?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

So Prince Harry has decided not to sign a pre-nup before marrying Meghan Markle, according to reports. He believes he doesn’t need to safeguard his estimated £30 million fortune because he is marrying Ms Markle for life – who herself is said to be worth £4 million and is on her…


2018 – The Year of the Prenup?

married couple prenup

It’s 2018. Maybe this is the year to be honest about marriage and take the stigma out of marriage breakdown. Maybe, 2018 should be the year of the prenup? Discussions on prenuptial agreements are not new. After all, prenups have been around for some time. They are very popular, routine…


Prenups and unmarried couples’ rights in The Archers

Prenups and cohabitation rights in The Archers

Second marriages and prenuptial agreements have been one of the most recent storylines of The Archers. Through the trials and tribulations in the relationship between Lillian and Justin the BBC radio show has cast its light on 21st century family life from the comfort of fictional Ambridge. Prenuptial agreements are…


Do Archers Justin and Lilian need a pre nup?

Prenuptial agreement

The question of whether Justin and Lilian need a prenuptial agreement is one on the minds of any Archers fan who also happens to be a divorce lawyer! I make no secret of the fact that I am a huge fan of the Radio 4 soap The Archers. Over the…


Creating a binding prenuptial agreement

How to create a binding prenuptial agreement

The number of enquiries Woolley & Co receive about prenuptial agreements has risen sharply in the last 12 months. Maybe the message is getting through that understanding the full legal implications of your marriage and putting in place measures in case things don’t work out is a sensible part of…


What to consider before buying a property with your unmarried partner

Unmarried couples owning property together – the law

As a family lawyer, I am rarely involved at the start of a relationship when all is going well and people are considering moving in together. Instead, my involvement arises at the point the relationship is breaking down or has broken down. For clients who are not married, one of…


Making prenups sexy

Getting a Prenup – Making Prenuptial Agreements Sexy

Engaged couples should be having a provocative bedtime chat before they walk down the aisle – about getting a prenup! I must admit I giggled when a colleague commented at the Woolley & Co Annual Conference in May that couples didn’t talk about legal issues before they get married because…


Marriage and divorce in later life

Divorce and marriage later in life on the rise

As a family lawyer the work that you do changes with the times. The biggest change I’ve noticed in recent years is that I have seen a significant increase in divorce by more mature clients.  A recent report in The Telegraph which talked about the rise in women over the age of 65 getting married to avoid spending a long retirement alone highlights how much…


How can we make divorce less confrontational?

How can we make divorce less confrontational?

Baroness Deech has never been one to mince her words. Recently, she spoke of the urgent need to “clean-up” the divorce process, making it less inflammatory and antagonistic than it currently is. She is proposing a Divorce (Financial Provision) Bill to improve the process and help children whose future needs…


Why same sex couples need a pre-nup

Pre nuptial agreements for same sex couples

I came across some interesting figures this week. The average age at which women marry is 37.0 years, according to ONS, slightly lower than the male mean age of 38.6 years. Seem high? Well maybe not if I tell you that these figures relate to same-sex marriage. For hetero-sexual couples, the…


Pre nuptial agreements: does it matter that they are not legally binding?

Pre nup legally binding?

A pre nuptial agreement is an agreement made between parties contemplating marriage, it attempts to regulate what will happen to their finances in the event of a divorce. In the UK however pre nups are not a formal, legally binding document. So are they worth having? Family lawyer Sue Harwood…


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