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How long does an online divorce take?

By , on Wednesday June 19, 2024 at 3:56 pm

Divorce is rarely straightforward. Therefore, it is understandable that many people considering a divorce want to establish whether they can streamline the process, keeping time, money, and stress to a minimum.

The desire for a quick and easy divorce means that searches for online divorce applications are common. That also leads to further questions about how long an online divorce would take and whether it would help to speed the process up.

It is important to stress that you should not approach divorce without professional legal advice from a specialist team—something our divorce solicitors can provide.

Can I get a divorce online?

In short, yes, it is possible to get a divorce online. A divorce application can be submitted via GOV.UK, and there are services which offer an entirely ‘online’ divorce.

There are very important caveats to this, however. If you apply for an online divorce, instead of instructing a specialist divorce solicitor, you could run into a number of problems. These include:

  • Mistakes being made in paperwork, leading to delays
  • Lack of understanding of your rights and how the process works
  • Being left waiting for updates about your case

It is also extremely important to point out that online divorce services are often only concerned with the actual process of making a divorce application.

In many cases, there are likely to be various other arrangements which you will need to make as part of a divorce, such as those involving the division of your finances and provisions for your children.

These can be extremely sensitive and complex issues and, in many cases, can be the cause of bitter disputes between separating spouses. Without specialist legal advice, resolving these matters and coming to an agreement can prove exceptionally difficult, and could ultimately result in an outcome which does not match your requirements.

By seeking professional legal advice from the outset, you can be confident you have the support and resources you need to navigate the process of making a divorce application, as well as handling any other additional negotiations (or court proceedings if required).

How long does an online divorce take?

You should be aware that the essential timeframes for divorce are the same in every case. This is because there are two mandatory waiting periods which must be observed during a divorce application, these being the 20-week waiting period for the Conditional Order and the six-week waiting period for the Final Order.

With this in mind, you can generally expect a divorce application to take a minimum of seven months to complete, though it can take longer depending on how efficient the courts are. This means that getting an online divorce without instructing a specialist solicitor to support you won’t necessarily help speed up the process.

There is a risk that an online divorce may inadvertently end up causing unnecessary delays and extend the timeframe further than expected. As discussed above, there is a higher risk that mistakes will be made if a divorce application is made without a legal professional to provide assistance, which could mean that an online divorce ends up taking even longer than expected.

Our solicitors can help

We understand that the prospect of going through a divorce can be extremely challenging and that you will want the process to be as simple and stress-free as possible. Our expert family law solicitors are available to provide you with all the information, support and legal advice you need to make an informed decision on how best to proceed.

At Woolley & Co Solicitors, our expert divorce lawyers can offer specialist legal advice to guide you through a divorce. Whatever your circumstances are, we will be able to clearly explain what actions need to be taken with regard to the divorce application itself, as well as any further arrangements for your children and finances.

To take advantage of your free 30-minute consultation with an expert local family law solicitor, call 0800 321 3832 or complete our quick online form.

Davina Warrington
Family law solicitor, Burton on Trent

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Davina WarringtonDavina Warrington

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