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CSA or not? You decide!


The CSA, known and "beloved" of many has a new name! Will people now change to calling it the CMEC?!

But there are many changes of real substance.
There are now CMEC guidelines for calculation of child support also called child maintenance and also a new method of calculating child support to be brought in 2011.

Their website makes a useful very quick read for what is happening with child support between now and 2011, all of which should be borne in mind now.

Karen Agnew-Griffith
Senior Law Adviser


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Liability orders along with the power to remove driving licences and passports have previously been readily available to the Agency. However, Court involvement is required - which is something the ‘new’ proposals attempt to cease.

The child support system has been rife with Agency errors, delays and maladministration.
In light of this, giving such administrative powers, to a such poorly administered system, is completely irresponsible.

It would be far more beneficial to have a fair, effective system, efficiently administered, that runs smoothly.
- offers free help, support and advice to ALL parents, resident and non resident, having problems with the CSA/CMEC - join us in the forum.

By afairercsaforall on Wednesday September 9, 2009

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