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Divorce and Pension Myths Exposed

Perhaps one of the most complicated aspects of many divorce settlements is the treatment of the pensions accrured by one of both parties.  With the pension pot often forming the second largest capital asset in most marriages there can be significant sums at stake.

Our new book - Exploring the Myths about Divorce and Separation - tackles a number of the most common myths including the things like the proportion of a pension that each party is entitled to.  It's a myth for example that if a wife is offered 50% of her husband's pension it is a fair pay-off.

In reality this won't necessarily be the case. Women are more likely to live longer and are more likely to be younger than their husband, statistics suggest. To receive the same pension income as their husband a wife might need - and be entitled to - more than 50% just to be fair.

As with all aspects of a financial settlement it is essential to consider all of the finances, be aware of your legal rights and take expert advice.  Failure to do all three could mean you lose out.

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Order or download a copy of the Exploring the Myths about Divorce and Separation book here.


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