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Divorce increases alzheimers risk


Divorce causes many unpleasant effects, to say the least. Ask anybody how easy it is to adjust emotionally after a divorce and financially after a divorce settlement.

But a study reported in the British Medical Journal suggests that divorce (and still being alone some years later in later life) can increase the risk of Alzheimers quite significantly.  So, watch out as you get older!

Now, I am sure there was something else I was going to say........

But another study strongly suggests that drinking a lot of coffee may well reduce the risks. I should be OK there, then!

But seriously, if you are worried your marriage is in trouble, whilst we are a firm of divorce solicitors, do just have a look at our website "support" page. Ask us if you would like a counsellor suggested or details of the Relate website.

Andrew Woolley
Divorce Solicitor

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