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Divorce solicitor says “Ban marriage without counselling first”


As a specialist divorce solicitor I am often appalled by how badly prepared a lot of us are for marriage; how much divorce there is and how much it can cost to sort out a divorce and financial settlement especially if the wrong attitude or approach is taken!

Will you join me in a campaign to try to change this? 

I have pursued the issue of no fault divorce elsewhere and will continue to do so, but this is a separate issue. All couples wanting to marry should be required to enter into a series of counselling meetings to prepare them for marriage. It can remove the naivety so often present, tell them the emotional and financial cost of relationship breakdown and give them the tools to prevent it or at least deal with it, if it happens, in a sensible and constructive way.

This will create howls of “Oh, the cost”. But the cost will be 10% of the cost of a nasty divorce, at most. And maybe being assisted to prepare a prenuptial agreement will even help marriages which do end in divorce at a fraction of the cost.

A small price to pay?

Andrew Woolley
Divorce Solicitor

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