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Grandparents not keeping in contact…....


There are about 14 million grandparents in the UK and, would you believe, about 42% of them lose contact with their grandchildren after the parents split up, especially after a divorce when the parties have become bitter towards each other.

This is a quite horrific figure, given how much unconditional love and stability can often be gained by children going through a split. And how a then single parent might cope without the help of at least 1 of the sets of grandparents as well as the other parent is beyond me!

But the law is not all that helpful to grandparents as no government has ever seen fit to pass a law specifically setting out grandparents rights. They should.

How important is the contribution of grandparents in the 21st century?

Andrew Woolley
Divorce lawyer


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What a disgrace, I have just looked on the internet, trying to find some information regarding Grandparents rights in the uk, And I now find to my horror I dont have any? how can this be right? I miss my grandchildren desperately, WHAT CAN GRANDPARENTS LIKE MYSELF DO TO CHANGE THIS??? HELP ...

By Wendyanne Routledge on Thursday July 2, 2009


I agree with you. But there certainly are things you can do and we set them out in the link under “grandparents rights” you can find in the original Blog or on the left hand side links of our website under the heading “Children”.

Time for us to campaign?

Let’s see if we can get more interest and comment via this Blog.

Andrew Woolley
Family Lawyer…

By Andrew Woolley on Thursday July 2, 2009

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