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Happy (step) families

There is an article, today, in the Mail Online about the relationships between Tess Simpson (a novelist) and her ex-husband Brent Sadler (who was a correspondent with CNN), their children and their respective new spouses.

Getting a divorce is one thing, but there are often still children and they will be living in a different situation. A family lawyer can sort out issues such as residence, parental rights (responsiblity) and contact but the people involved do have to work hard to work together for the good of the children.

Someone who might be regarded as the "person who broke up the marriage" might well end up as a step parent of the children. Step parents rights is a quite complicated area.

It seems that in their case they managed to resolve most issues between themselves and now it appears they have respect for each other and the 2 boys share that.

Mind you, the article seems to be based on the fact that Tess has written a book on the issue.

Is being a step parent a thankless or wonderful task?

Andrew Woolley
Family lawyer


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