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Law Society should ban hourly charging

Divorce costs and legal fees are, understandably, a source of concern to many.

Traditionally, divorce lawyers have always charged by the hour or by some other measurement of time. Should they?

I think not. What has time got to do with it? Surely, the measure of how much to charge for something should be the value of that thing to the buyer.  If the provider of the thing doers not like what the price would be, they don't have to provide the service, do they?

Now to reality! Clients needing a divorce are in no position emotionally or in terms of the background facts to agree a set fee. But lawyers can and should. Most firms of solicitors will argue (and I accept they really do believe this) that it is not possible as they do not know how long a case will last, what the "other side" will do and what amount of time they will need to put in. True, so take an average or set a limit. But fixed fees are possible.

We are working hard to bring in fixed fees for everything we do. These are some examples of fixed fees for divorce and other issues.

How should lawyers charge?

Andrew Woolley
Divorce Lawyer


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