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Information and advice on divorce & family law 

What is an annulment?

What is an annulment and how do I get one? They are pretty rare but we do have these enquiries.  An annulment is a declaration by a Court that a marriage that has taken place is either unlawful or has become unlawful.  For example, when one or other party to the marriage is already married. 

How do I get an annulment?  The process isn’t quite as straightforward as a divorce.  Within the divorce process most people now know that you never have to attend Court if it is undefended and is a paperwork process alone.  However, with a nullity petition that is presented to the Court to annul your marriage you will have to attend Court.  There are evidential issues that the Court will need to consider.  It is a complex issue as the grounds for a nullity are not always straightforward and we would always suggest that you get independent legal advice.  Many people feel that an annulment is an easier process than a divorce when in fact the opposite is true. 

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