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Civil partnership dissolution FAQs

Legal questions answered 

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Q. Will I get maintenance from my ex-civil partner?

A. The same range of financial settlement options are available to you as are available to divorcing couples, and this includes spousal maintenance. Whether or not you are entitled to maintenance will depend on a range of factors such as your age and earning capacity.

For more details of your personal entitlement, we recommend that you book an initial free 30 minute consultation with one of our lawyers to discuss your options in more detail. Call 0800 321 3832 to make a telephone appointment.

Q. As someone in a civil partnership can I get ‘divorced’?

A. Yes, a Civil Partnership can be dissolved (the same as a divorce), provided you registered your civil partnership over a year ago. The procedure is almost exactly the same as for divorcing couples. The only difference is that you cannot dissolve a civil partnership on the basis of same sex adultery; the other grounds for divorce still apply.