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Divorce and Financial Settlement Advice

Confidential advice on your divorce settlement

Confidential advice on your divorce settlement.
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If you are going through a divorce or separation you will need to come to an agreement about your marital finances. You can do this with, or without the help of a family law solicitor, although you may wish to take advice on your options and make sure any agreement you reach is confirmed in writing and, if so advised, made into a Court Order.

Often there will be immediate financial concerns which need to be addressed.  A discussion with a family lawyer at Woolley & Co will help put your mind at ease.
Our family law solicitors can help with:

Clean break orders

Clean break orders sever the financial ties between a married couple. Whilst getting a divorce ends the contract of marriage it does not sort out the financial aspects of your relationship.

Learn more about clean break orders here.

Family home

The family matrimonial home is often the most valuable asset shared between a married couple and must be considered as part of any divorce settlement.  Who will live in the family home or whether it will need to be sold to divide the assets will depend on the circumstances in each case.  An initial discussion with a family lawyer at Woolley & Co will help clarify your position.

Learn more about divorce and the family home here.

Pensions on divorce

Pensions can be complex and confusing, but are often one of the largest assets to consider in divorce.

Learn more about pensions on divorce here.

Spousal maintenance

Maintenance for a spouse depends principally on the recipient's needs, own income and ability to earn income. 

Learn more about spousal maintenance here.

Bankruptcy and divorce

Bankruptcy can have serious implications for the financial settlement on divorce, and legal advice should always be sought in circumstances where the bankruptcy of one of the parties is a real or possible risk. 

Learn more about bankruptcy and divorce here.

Maintenance on death

Woolley & Co can assist if your spouse dies before financial matters in divorce are included. We can also advise on claims for financial support when a spouse or partner has died without making proper provision for you.

Call Woolley & Co, family law solicitors on 0800 321 3832 for advice on reaching a divorce financial settlement, or complete our online form.


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