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Derby family lawyer trains to provide specialist support to blind clients

Tuesday March 1, 2011 at 11:55 am

Woolley & Co family lawyer Andrew Robotham has completed a specialist training course equipping him with the skills and tools to guide blind and partially sighted clients through divorce and family law cases.

Andrew, based near Derby, attended a training course organised by Sight Support Derbyshire to add to his already impressive array of qualifications and skills as a divorce and family lawyer.

“The training course was really useful and enlightening,” explains Andrew who is a Resolution Accredited Specialist in Family Law. “People with a sight impairment or who may be blind don’t want to be treated any differently to anyone else – but it is important to understand what their limitations are and adjust the way you provide advice accordingly.

“I use a lot of email correspondence with clients normally, for example. If I am dealing with someone with a sight impairment I need to first establish how they prefer to receive communication. The course was useful in that it gave me an opportunity to learn about the tools and implements available to assist people in dealing with and executing documents as well as providing a better understanding of how to guide people through the process both physically and mentally.”

Andrew is now accredited by Sight Support Derbyshire to help and assist individuals through the full divorce and family law process.

Andrew Robotham can be contacted on 0845 680 2591 or by email here.

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