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Unacceptable delays in Family Courts

Thursday May 16, 2019 at 1:52 pm

Our lawyers, along with clients throughout the UK are experiencing unacceptable delays in the handling of their cases by the family Courts. In frustration, rather than expectation, we’ve written to MP, Nadhim Zahawi who represents constituents in our local area. Here’s what we’ve asked.

Open letter to Nadhim Zahawi MP

Subject: Unacceptable delays in the Family Courts causing strains on mental health

To the Rt Hon Nadhim Zahawi MP

In Mental Health Awareness Week, I am writing to draw to your attention the unacceptable delays being experienced by constituents in Stratford upon Avon who are divorcing or bringing any family law matter before the Courts. This is causing unnecessary, untold strain on individuals already in challenging emotional circumstances.

Lawyers in my firm are frequently experiencing delays running months in all aspects of their work.  I am told in some cases Courts are two months behind in opening the post they receive, and it is regularly taking four months from completed divorce paperwork being filed to decree nisi being declared.

These delays result, according to District Judge Lumb, from “Court closures and huge reductions in staff numbers” and “no immediate sign of the promised technology”.

The purpose of my letter is to call on you to support the proposed No Fault Divorce reform and use your influence in whatever way possible to increase the resources available to reduce the backlog of Court paperwork. I appreciate your current focus may be on this country’s divorce from the EU. In the meanwhile, your constituents in Stratford continue to have their individual divorce cases thwarted by inefficiencies and poor administration. We must do better for them.

I look forward to receiving your response, hopefully with good news I can share with my clients. We are planning to post this letter and your response on our website to demonstrate to clients our commitment to making their experience as pain free as possible.

Kind regards

Andrew Woolley
Senior Partner

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