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Testimonials for Susan Harwood, Lawyer


I was referred to Susan Harwood to take on my annulment. I approached other law firms but no one knew how to handle my case or what to do, I kept on hearing from people that it can no longer be annulled and only divorce despite meeting all the requirements for an annulment. Susan was very pleasant and reassured me that I was eligible and she would get me my annulment. Susan was very informative throughout even when I had doubts, she kept on reassuring me throughout, even when the court delayed, she was very sure that it was only a matter of time until it came through. Thanks to Susan, I was able to get my annulment and glad it didn’t end up as a divorce. I really love how she knows the system and what could work for my case. Please use Susan Harwood, I will highly recommend her for your cases. I’m no longer stressed and happily planning my wedding🤗

SJ on

Thank you so much for helping through the most difficult time in my life to date.

I will definitely recommend you to anyone else who has the misfortune to go through this.

Tamsin, Penzance

I have appreciated all your suggestions and guidance over these past 6 months, especially helping me understand the process and being well prepared.

Mr Kashif Manan, Senior Finance Manager Dubai, UAE

I approached other law firms but no one knew how to handle my case or what to do. Susan was very informative throughout.

SJ on

I cannot thank you enough for your amazing service with a smile at all times. You are the BEST solicitor I have ever dealt with and I have dealt with 1000’s trust me.

Mark N, Florida

I found Susan Harwood from Woolley & Co after calling around my local solicitors and feeling that they were very pricey. I was in the middle of a career change and had taken a significant pay cut so that I could establish my own business and needed to know that the fees were fixed. Due to the nature of my separation, and a terrible experience at work I had also been suffering from anxiety and knowing the costs upfront definitely put my mind at ease. I found Woolley & Co from a Google search as I was specifically looking for fixed fee civil partnership dissolutions.

Whilst price was important to me, Susan came across as an extremely warm person and put my mind at ease immediately. This was even without having met her in person. I knew that I would not need to call any more solicitors. Throughout the proceedings, I was updated with professional and timely responses. On more than one occasion, I needed to call for clarification about the proceedings and time-frames to keep my mind at ease, and it was. For me, Susan made the experience so much more bearable as she was so helpful and willing to support me through this challenging time.

Whilst Susan is based in Cornwall and myself in the North East, this did not hinder the process at all. A court was chosen in an area where Susan knew it would take less time to get the dissolution through. I knew I was in good hands even though we hadn’t met in person, I was completely reassured. The process was over in the time-frame Susan had initially estimated and I feel the outcome was completely in my favour.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Susan to anybody who needs a human lawyer, sympathetic to their individual situation. The only one regret I have is not having started the proceedings a lot sooner.

Issac Aveyard Greaves, mortgage & protection adviser, Thornaby on Tees

I received a copy of the Pre Nuptial Agreement today.

The service has been excellent, and I am hugely grateful for the flexibility offered with regards to payment, and for you accommodating the work at short notice.

The Pre Nuptial Agreement really has been pivotal in allowing us to proceed with the purchase of the farm.

Richard T, Oxfordshire

I just wanted again to say thank you so much for everything you have done I honestly couldn’t be any happier for the work you have done.

Mr M Houmou, Real Estate Broker, Middlesex

Your support has been invaluable.

Caroline A, Support Worker, Warwickshire

My decision to choose you was certainly the right one and I would recommend you

David Haggart, China

You have been so efficient and I will not hesitate to recommend you.

Laura S, Class Teacher, Helston

Thank you very much for the first measured, no nonsense advice I have received since beginning on this sad journey towards divorce. I have spoken to a lot of lawyers before finally getting good advice from you.


The service supplied was empathetic and very professional. I would recommend Susan’s services without question.

Robert Chilcott

Even though I am in a different country, you were very prompt at answering all my questions and solving any queries I had.

I would definitely recommend you and your firm to my friends.

Pauline Cox, USA
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