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Can I afford a divorce lawyer?

Can I afford a lawyer?

Many clients think they can’t afford a lawyer. I think it is absolutely imperative that you at least take some initial advice from the outset, just to discuss the options with your lawyer.

There are many ways of paying for your legal services. I have clients who for example will pay for me to do the whole process for them from start to finish, I have other clients who want me to quote them a fixed price for perhaps all of the work but perhaps stages of the work.  I have other clients who want to do the majority of the work themselves but want to consult with me on a piecemeal basis to ensure that they are on the right track so I will be able to offer my services on a pay as you go basis.

Learn more about how Woolley & Co charge for legal services – How much does it cost? and options for Funding your case.

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