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Do lawyers care?

Do family lawyers care?

Dave Harries of Communicate TV tackles three of our lawyers on the tricky question of whether lawyers care about their clients, or whether they are only in it for the money.

Dave Harries: There is a perception out there that lawyers and solicitors are all about money, because they are expensive and all that sort of thing, but what is the reality – I mean Kate, do lawyers care? 

Kate Butler: I think if you are a family lawyer, you have to care. Obviously what we are dealing with every single day is people who are at the biggest crisis their life may ever have and that can be very, very difficult to deal with unless you do care and I think getting a solution for your client that works for them can only happen if you care about the outcome so I would certainly say that we care very deeply to make sure that we do the best for our clients we can. 

Judith Buckland: I think that’s almost the point is that we wouldn’t still be doing it if we didn’t get satisfaction from actually making somebody’s worst time into a considerably better time. 

Dave Harries: And how do I know as a potential client of Woolley & Co, how do I know that you are any good at what you do? 

Judith Buckland: I think you don’t be afraid to ask us. Ask us, are we qualified? How long have we been qualified? What sort of work we do? Do we have any experience in dealing with I don’t know, a specific point, pensions or foreign assets? Interview us, if you are unsure about whether or not we have got the expertise to deal with it, don’t be afraid to ask us. I think if you get past that point it is almost personality, if you feel confident with your lawyer and you feel confident in their knowledge, you know that that relationship is likely to work. 

Dave Harries: Tamara, do people ask you – are you any good? 

Tamara Glanvill: Oh yes, people ask that a lot and they also do a bit of a beauty parade first and there is a lot of information on the internet, on our website and quite often clients will when they first speak to me, will say I have looked at your website and I liked what you said about… Or it struck a chord with me when you said this. So I think clients come fairly well informed when they are first making their approach, but if they are not, then they do ask and I am happy to tell them that I am very qualified, I have been doing this for a long time and there are very few situations that I haven’t come across before or in which I can’t use the benefit of the information that Woolley & Co have a whole have to help them. 

Kate Butler: It is unusual to have a specialist family law firm with so many specialist family lawyers and only specialist family lawyers and I think that is something that gives us an extra layer of support to why we are the right firm for you. 

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