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What Questions Should you Ask your Divorce Lawyer?

Members of the Woolley & Co team offer some pointers on the questions you should ask before you appoint a divorce lawyer.

Andrew Robotham, divorce & family lawyer Derby

I think it’s important when you instruct a divorce lawyer first of all to perhaps find out if they are a member of Resolution. Resolution is an organisation that has a code of conduct where people follow a non-confrontational approach and I think if you can try and resolve matters in that way that’s in everybody’s best interests. The Courts and practitioners try and encourage mediation and try and encourage an amiable and amicable approach. So I think it is important to see if they are a member of Resolution. Secondly, I think obviously you are going to want to know details of cost, what cost is involved and then how long the process is likely to take.

Sue Harwood, divorce & family lawyer Truro

Another important question might be what level of experience the solicitor or lawyer has that’s going to be managing your case. I think it is really important that you find out how many cases they have dealt with in your particular regard and finding somebody who specialises is really important I think.

Karen Agnew-Griffith, divorce & family lawyer Thetford

The first question you should ask them is do they have the capacity to take on your case, do they have the time. Secondly, what are they going to charge you and how are they going to break that charge down so that you know exactly what they are going to charge you for. And then thirdly, what is their experience, how many years have they been doing this job for other people.

Nick Wiseman, divorce & family lawyer Norwich and Great Yarmouth

Before you instruct a divorce lawyer, the questions you need to think about asking them: firstly are they experienced, how long have they been practising and are they a member of Resolution.  How do they charge, do they offer fixed prices which would give you certainty, do they offer an initial consultation so that you can speak to them beforehand, see if you can form a rapport with them but importantly that they understand the issues and what is important to you. Ask them if they can give you estimates of time, how long the process is going to take and how they will communicate with you. Also importantly will it be them dealing with the work for you rather than passing it or referring it down to a paralegal or assistant.

Ian Giddings, divorce & family solicitor Coventry

So first of all, how long have they been practising law and do they specialise in family law. Are they members of Resolution? All those things will give you an idea of how good they are and how skilled they are in dealing with your case. That should hopefully reassure you and make you feel more comfortable because that’s what we want you to be when you instruct us, as comfortable as you possibly can be.

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