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Talking to your children about divorce

When a couple decide to divorce they need to talk to their children about what is going to happen. Family law solicitor Kathryn McTaggart has some important advice for anyone in this situation.

I am often surprised at how many parents think they are protecting their children by not telling them anything about their separation. Children need straightforward, simple, honest, age appropriate information and the opportunity to answer questions.

I always advise separating parents to try to agree what and when they will tell their children and make sure there is time for questions. Children need to know what will change, and how it will affect them. If parents don’t know the answers to these questions, it is fine to say so and reassure children that they will be involved as much as possible in decisions that affect them in time.

I ask parents to make a promise to themselves not to try and win children round to their side however subtly, and most importantly I ask parents to give children lots of reassurance that they are free to love both mum and dad without fear of hurting the other parent.  

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