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Divorce Tips for Stay at Home Mums

If you are a stay at home mum or a mum who for example is on a low income because she works part time, just think of your initial enquiries as information gathering. Don’t be frightened of it. All you are doing is gathering information. Most family lawyers will offer you a free initial appointment. We can certainly guide you towards government benefits that you are entitled to. We can assist you to make sure that you, if you’re entitled to it, receive appropriate child support, and we can tell you what you are entitled to out of a share of the marital pot. We can then explain to you what your options are and how to facilitate getting yourself good quality legal advice whether it is payment by instalments, whether it is working with a fixed fee so that you know exactly what your costs are, whether its use of a credit card or a litigation loan from a bank. Those are all options that we can explore with you.

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