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In this video Dave Harries from Communicate TV ask members of the Woolley & Co team about DIY divorce and whether you need a lawyer to help you get a divorce.

Dave: A recent YouGov poll has suggested that people are doing DIY divorces because they don’t like lawyers and, is that, why should that be and is that fair? Kate what do you think? 

Kate Butler: I think lawyers often get a bad press, I think there is a lot of misconceptions out there. I think people may assume that we are going to be motivated by trying to make money out of a case rather than doing what is right for someone and their family. 

Dave: And Tamara, when people first come to you, do you feel some resistance some times? 

Tamara Glanvill: I think the first point of contact with a solicitor is when, for many clients, it becomes real and so I think there is a resistance some times in them saying what’s really happening and opening up, and once they have, it appears to me that things improve and they feel relieved and they are glad they have got it off their chest and they can have a focus on moving it forward rather than considering what’s happened before. 

Dave: And Judith, if somebody does want to do a DIY, well why shouldn’t they? 

Judith Buckland: There is no reason why they shouldn’t at all, they can do a DIY divorce but what solicitors can do is offer some insight into the legal process which they may not have thought about. 

Dave: So there are dangers to DIY presumably? 

Judith Buckland:   There are dangers, yes, I think there are dangers. That may well be one of the reasons they are resistant to come and see us because with our advice, we may well be telling them things they don’t want to hear. 

Tamara   Glanvill: I think if I can just add as well that the DIY divorce bit might be the straight forward bit, but quite often clients forget that they also need to deal with the finances and that does require quite often some legal and professional advice. Not dealing with the finances can cause clients a lot of issues further down the line if it is not dealt with properly at the beginning. 

What people don’t sometimes understand is that there are so many potential simple things you can get wrong just in getting your divorce through and quite often I end up with clients who have tried to start their own divorce and they have just misspelled a word, or they have ticked the wrong box or they have not applied for something because they didn’t understand the process.  What you are getting with a lawyer is their years of experience, of knowing what mistakes there are out there and making sure that we can avoid them. 

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