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Family Law Blog : Children

Comment on divorce & family law

Enforcing a child arrangements order

Enforcement of child arrangements orders

Divorcing couples with children often find reaching an agreement about the care of their children after divorce or separation pretty difficult. Those who cannot reach an agreement amicably find themselves asking the family court to decide. Either party can make an application for what is known as a child arrangements…


Special Guardianship Orders

What is a special guardianship order? A Special Guardianship order is one that members of a child’s family may consider where the child or children are being cared for permanently by family members other than their parents. This could apply for example to grandparents, aunts or uncles. There are a…


Child support when parents live abroad

Since the early 1990s Child Support Agency (CSA) (now called the Child Maintenance Service (CMS)) has dealt with financial support for children. This means that in the majority of cases the court cannot decide how much child support is payable. However, where one or other parent lives outside England or…


Parenting in an epidemic – guidance for separated parents

As a firm we’ve been in-undated with calls and emails from separated parents begging for clarity around whether their children should be seeing both parents at the moment. The headlines are confusing, social media is scary and juggling work and home schooling is a huge ask for parents.  Add to…


Special occasions for separated parents

Special occasions for separated parents

When parents separate one of the main issues of conflict relates to arrangements for the children.  I am often contacted by distressed parents who are unable to reach an agreement with their former partner as to the weekly arrangements for their children and, often disputes flare up around annual events…


Parenting when shared care = pounds and pence

A parent paying maintenance towards the care of their child will often approach our lawyers for advice when they are being denied a relationship, asking do they have to continue to pay. A recent case illustrates how complicated this area of law is. The case of EA v SSWP and…


How to tell your teenager you are separating

Telling your teenage child that you plan to divorce or separate is difficult. Their reaction is unpredictable, but you can control how and what you tell them. Some time ago one of our lawyers, Luci Larkin wrote a blog post containing 7 tips for telling your children you plan to…


The Legal Process – a young person’s perspective when parents separate or divorce

teenager upset by divorce

If your parents are about to divorce or separate you may have questions about what might happen and be worried about things you see on TV or that friends tell you. This article has been written to provide the facts. To get a divorce one parent has to start the…


Child contact with non-resident parent – thinking practically

close up of parent holding hands with child and walking outside

Trying to reach an agreement about child contact with non-resident parents, especially when the situation may feel raw, can be difficult. However, the main focus has to be what is in the best interests of the child, rather than what you ideally want or what you feel you should be…


Is Skype really the answer to losing the children in divorce?

When families are split apart by divorce – or simply relationship breakdown for unmarried couples – there is no question that younger children suffer more than anyone else. No matter how hard it is on the grown-ups involved, the children’s world will never be the same. Everything they have known…


Arbitration in family law – a private judge to settle disputes about your children

children sat with parents by the river for the artcile Arbitration in family law – a private judge to settle disputes about your

I keep hearing that our court system is broken or on the verge of collapse. I have to say I am inclined to agree. Last year I went to court with a client about the arrangements for his children.  One of the issues was a holiday abroad in the school…


BBC Archers Storyline highlights the rights of unmarried fathers

Archers logo over fields for the article BBC Archers Storyline and Unmarried Fathers Rights

Archers fans may be reeling with the death of Nic Grundy, but there’s another issue that’s been exercising the minds of family lawyers in recent weeks. How are Pip Archer and Toby Fairbrother going to manage as parents? And how much of their legal responsibility they have yet come to…


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