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How could Brexit affect divorce in the UK?

Uncertainty around many things in Britain is still high after our historic vote to leave Europe. I blogged a couple of weeks ago about the language of Brexit borrowing heavily from divorce and what the architects of the change could learn from us family law specialists. For many people though,…


Divorce from abroad doesn’t have to be difficult

Divorce from abroad doesn’t have to be difficult

The world is getting much smaller these days and there are an increasing number of British ex pats living and working abroad. Despite the attractions and delights of foreign countries and the often much improved weather, sadly this does not mean problems in a couples’ marriage are avoided. In fact,…


Top tips on dealing with assets in an international divorce

Assets - tips on international divorce

With an increase in international marriages and an ever growing number of couples living and working across several countries during their marriage, it pays to understand how to deal with assets that may be based in different countries if you are getting divorced. The importance of divorce jurisdiction The starting…


Expat confusion over where to divorce

Expat divorce the options

In a time when both international families and divorce are on the increase, I very often receive calls from clients who live out of the UK asking whether they can use the English court system to start divorce proceedings. I am often not the first lawyer they have consulted and…


5 reasons for an expat to divorce in England

5 reasons to divorce in England

When faced with a breakdown of your marriage, things can be complicated enough but if your situation also has an international element, things can be even harder to work through as often there is more than one country that could deal with your divorce. This will affect you if for…


British expat living in Spain – where can and should you divorce?

Expat divorce in Europe

Spain has the largest British expat community in Europe so it’s perhaps no surprise the volume of calls we receive from people who live in Spain asking whether they can use the English court system to start divorce proceedings. I am often not the first family law solicitor they have…


International divorce rights: can I divorce in the UK if I married abroad?

International divorce advice

The British courts have become known for international divorce. But getting married in England may not be enough to entitle you to get divorced here if you live abroad now.  I speak to many British nationals living abroad who want to take advantage of the English legal system because their…


Divorce with an international element – shopping around

In this day and age we see an increase in international families and inevitably this has a knock on effect when sadly those relationships come to an end. It can lead to a process known amongst divorce lawyers as ‘forum shopping’ and family practitioners must always give consideration to the…


Mediation: what’s the deal for ex-pats wanting to divorce?

A lot is being made of mediation in the UK to help settle family law cases without the need to go to court, but is there any benefit in this new system for expats seeking divorce?  On the face of it, mediation would seem to be tailor-made for those living…


Understanding international divorce law to decide where’s best to get a divorce

UK has been dubbed the divorce capital of Europe because it is perceived that wives get a good deal here – largely down to the fact that our judges have a lot of discretion on rulings compared to other countries and tend to take all circumstances into account. However, other…


Ex-pat family law problems

You have to be a fairly brave person to move abroad. For some, the trauma of just going on an annual holiday to a different country can almost outweigh the benefits of a week in the sun. The language barrier is daunting for many, not knowing your way around, suspicion…


Is Skype really the answer to losing the children in divorce?

When families are split apart by divorce – or simply relationship breakdown for unmarried couples – there is no question that younger children suffer more than anyone else. No matter how hard it is on the grown-ups involved, the children’s world will never be the same. Everything they have known…


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