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Practical realities of divorce or separation

When relationships end, whatever the circumstances, it is usually a time of mixed emotions. Even those couples who agree to end their marriage and feel amicable about it, go on to experience the uncertainty (and often anxiety) brought about by the necessary changes to their living and financial arrangements. Solutions…


Divorce and business – will you have to sell the golden goose?

Divorce and business

Businesses can be a tricky and complicated area when it comes to getting a divorce and agreeing a financial settlement. Regularly, we are approached by clients who ask how they can “get their hands on” their spouse’s business assets. Conversely, there are those concerned that their partner is seeking to…


A mealticket for life revisited

The Supreme Court has now handed down the judgment in the case of Mills v Mills, a case keenly watched by family lawyers as it sets out some further guidance on cases about payment of maintenance from one former spouse to the other. The Story So Far… Mr and Mrs…


Bitcoins and PayPal – New Ways of Hiding Assets in Divorce

bitcoins hidden in divorce stacked in front of computer

For divorce lawyers, encountering people trying to hide assets that form part of the matrimonial pot is nothing new. What is new is the in which parties may try and achieve this. In divorce proceedings the courts of England and Wales take a pretty robust approach and require that both…


Divorce courts and system creaking under the strain?

UK divorce system creaking under the strain

As Resolution family lawyers, we are always encouraging our clients to try and be reasonable, to be willing to compromise, and to keep their case in proportion. “Don’t let the lawyers be the ones who get all the money” is a phrase we hear ourselves saying time and time again….


University fees – the obligations of a parent

Parents, university fees and child maintenance

As new terms started recently many students will have thought long and hard about the likely costs of going to university.  In a BBC article a few months ago the average student debt was calculated to be an eye watering £57,000.  Having had a full grant and a job in…


What am I entitled to in a divorce settlement?

What am I entitled to in a divorce settlement

There is no one answer to the question: what am I entitled to in a divorce settlement? Every case is different because the circumstances of every couple are different. The Money Advice Service (MAS) offers a divorce settlement calculator but it does make a lot of assumptions and we would…


Titanic divorce battle might have been prevented by a prenup

Titanic divorce battle might have been prevented by a prenup

There does appear to have been a spate of high profile divorce battles in the news recently. The one that has really caught my eye this week is that involving Margie Hanley and estranged husband Michael, and their “titanic” struggle over a holiday home in rural Ireland. The Irish couple,…


Should anyone get a meal ticket for life when they divorce?

Graham and Maria Mills divorce case reinforces need for clean break

“The inequality in divorce law laid bare”. The recent case of Graham and Maria Mills, decided by the Court of Appeal, has sparked widespread outrage, as Mrs Mills’ maintenance, first set when the couple divorced 15 years ago, was increased by almost a third. The court decided that she should…


Divorce & adultery: financial punishments & misconceptions

Divorce and adultery

As divorce solicitors, we receive many enquiries from individuals wanting to bring a divorce on the grounds of adultery. A relatively small number however, are granted for this reason. So, is using adultery as a reason for divorce the best solution and will it materially affect any financial settlement? Let’s…


Married couples, divorce and the family home

Does it matter that the family home is not jointly owned?

When I take a call from someone who is separating or getting a divorce one of the first concerns they have is does it matter that the family home is not jointly owned? Women in particular, who may not have had much involvement in the marital finances, can feel quite…


Will I lose my family home if we divorce?

I don't want to lose my home

As a family law solicitor for almost 30 years the most common question I am asked when I first speak to a client is “Will I lose my family home?” Clearly this is one of the most pressing concerns for people when it comes to separation and divorce and that…


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