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Additional support for those going through divorce

Going through a divorce or relationship breakdown can be a strain on the emotions. Counselling Works have provided this information to help you assess whether you might benefit from additional help and support beyond what can be provided by your lawyer.

A professionally qualified counsellor can help you deal with the emotional aspects of break-up which can manifest themselves as anger, stress, anxiety, over eating, drinking excessively, low self esteem and depression.

The professional counsellors at Counselling Works based in Milton Keynes have devised this simple questionnaire to help you decide whether you might benefit from the support of a counsellor.

Answer the following questions and then add your scores.

Thinking about the last 7 days how would you characterise how you have been feeling?

(score 0)
(score 2)
(score 4)
I am easily irritated with other people I work or live with
Even little things that I could once manage are hard now
I don’t feel like myself, like I used to be, happy go lucky
I don’t like the way my life is at the moment
I have a lot of worries right now, including financial
I am finding it difficult to find a solution to my problems and fix it
I have no energy to do anything other than basic routines like go to work, eat and sleep
The world I once knew is coming to an end, and I have no idea what I now want from life
I’m not sure I will be able to trust anyone again
I can’t talk to family or friends, I don’t want to upset or bore them

If you scored 14 or more you might benefit from talking to a counsellor.

Counselling Works offer a free initial consultation and are able to provide counselling over the telephone.  Visit their website for more details, call them on 01908 263 800 or email and mention Woolley & Co.

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