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Britain’s record breaking divorce couple

I read in one of our more popular newspapers last week of the British couple who divorced at the age of 98. They are apparently the world’s oldest recorded couple to divorce. For most this would be shocking news. Why divorce at such a late stage in life; what would be the point in putting yourself through the stress and upheaval at their age? However, for me whose grandparents separated in their 70’s after 50 years plus of marriage this is not so unheard of.

The couple in question Mr & Mrs Wood had been married 36 years then divorced, only for Mr Wood to the die months after, before he reached the age of 99. On reading that Mr Wood had been married before and had grown up children from his previous wife,I was concerned as to whether Mr Wood had managed to resolve the financial matters with his wife before he passed on. If he had not come to a financial agreement with her before he died or at least made a will then despite the divorce she could still make a claim against his estate on his death.

I hope that Mr Wood did manage to resolve the financial issues with Mrs Wood before his death and his property went to whom he wished it to, rather than Mrs Wood who did not wish to share her twilight years with him.

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