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Pros and cons of collaborative divorce

ADR seems to be a new buzz word in family law at the moment. Alternative Dispute Resolution has been mentioned much in context of family mediation, as mediation is an example of ADR. However, an alternative route to mediation is collaborative divorce. I’ve talked about collaborative family law a number…


What happens if my spouse contests the divorce?

It is very rare for the divorce itself to be contested. The divorce after all is merely the ending of the legal binds that tie a couple together. It is more often than not the points at issue will be around the children or finances of the couple. Nowadays matrimonial…


Cheating and the impact it has on divorce

Prompted by a newspaper headline our family lawyers engaged in a lively (remote) debate recently on the controversial topic of cheating. What is it? How do you know someone has cheated in a relationship? Does it matter when it comes to the process of divorce? What is cheating in a…


Will my financial settlement be affected by current changes in the economy?

For divorcing couples the current economic situation caused by coronavirus is causing concerns about whether they can still reach a divorce settlement or indeed whether that should be avoided given such financial uncertainty. Of course, if your relationship is over you may well want to move on completely, and that will…


A guide to how you can still get divorced under coronavirus “lockdown”

The world has changed for all us all in the last week or two, including for us divorce lawyers. Restrictions imposed upon movement and contact with loved ones mean it is tempting to think that we can do nothing whilst we are in coronavirus “lockdown”. Some things however don’t change…


Parenting in an epidemic – guidance for separated parents

As a firm we’ve been in-undated with calls and emails from separated parents begging for clarity around whether their children should be seeing both parents at the moment. The headlines are confusing, social media is scary and juggling work and home schooling is a huge ask for parents.  Add to…


Four Essential Facts for Cohabiting Couples – UK rights

Cohabiting couples property, children and inheritance

More  are choosing to live together rather than marry. There are now 3.3 million cohabiting couple families in the UK. and cohabiting couple families are now the fastest growing family type (according to ONS data).   Unfortunately, many don’t realise their legal rights when it comes to their relationship, property, children…


10 Top Tips for Those Working from Home

Here at Woolley & Co, we are fortunate enough to be able to work from home all the time, personally I have doing so for some 13 years now. So, whilst I am not forced to do so because of the current pandemic, it is still challenging and so I…


Practical realities of divorce or separation

When relationships end, whatever the circumstances, it is usually a time of mixed emotions. Even those couples who agree to end their marriage and feel amicable about it, go on to experience the uncertainty (and often anxiety) brought about by the necessary changes to their living and financial arrangements. Solutions…


What’s all this fuss about changes in divorce law and no-fault divorce?

Since the beginning of 2020 there’s been a lot of media coverage about divorce. From various news outlets commenting on and claiming ‘divorce day’ has arrived, to headlines about the introduction of no-fault divorce. The latter has resulted in several calls from individuals either thinking of divorce, or part way…


Is the divorce rate really dropping?

New figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) last week revealed a surprise 10 per cent drop in the divorce rate in England and Wales. I say surprise, because it was a surprise to us as we have seen no significant drop off in cases in the last year….


An A to Z of family law

Part of the challenge we face as family lawyers is demystifying the process and dealing with the jargon that besets the legal profession and court process. A recent discussion in the office resulted in a challenge to come up with a dictionary of family law terms, essentially an A-Z of…


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