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Celebrity children come last in divorce

I’ve done my best to keep my own counsel about celebrity divorce recently. It has been a struggle. As regular readers of this blog will know, in the past, I have had a bit to say about the cult of celebrity, the column inches dedicated to it and the myths perpetuated in newspapers about so called “quickie” divorces which appear to be the preserve of celebrities and are, in actual fact, nonsense.

As I said, I have done my best to turn over a new leaf and live and let live.

Katie Price and Peter Andre make it difficult though.

It should be no surprise that their break-up has been played out in the pages of the Daily Star and programmes of ITV2. After all, they fell in love on TV while in a jungle (you couldn’t make it up), had TV cameras follow them through their courtship and “fairytale” wedding, and then the crews have been there picking over every bit of the relationship’s demise, tit-for-tat newspaper revelations and Jordan’s new marriage to the new love of her life.

Most recently, it has been revelations about Peter and the suggestion that his cupboard is not so free from skeletons.

Whatever my thoughts are about the relative news value of these events, what makes me angry is the complete lack of concern shown by these shameless self-publicists for what their high profile lifestyle has done to their children.

We all know divorce is a traumatic time for all concerned but none more so than the children involved. Most couples do what they can to shelter their children and compensate for the complete upheaval in their life. Warring couples have been seen to show a united front for the sake of the children, regardless of what is going on behind the scenes. Even celebrities have managed it.

I can’t help think that seeing their parents splashed across the tabloids hurling mud at each other is going to have a lasting negative impression on children.

There are so many issues to consider when children are involved, like access and financial support, having to see mummy or daddy in a clinch with another partner should not be something they need worry about.

For those more sensible couples out there looking for some guidance on the issues surrounding children and divorce, one of the new videos Woolley & Co has created sees experienced family lawyer Kate Butler picking out the main points to be aware of and how best to approach them.

Perhaps Jordan and Peter could learn a few things by having a look.

Andrew Woolley
Divorce and family law specialist

Blog Author - Andrew Woolley

Andrew Woolley Andrew Woolley

Andrew is the owner and managing partner of Woolley & Co. He regularly offers comments and views on a range of family law issues.

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