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Celebrity divorce in the headlines – is it fair?

By , on Wednesday September 27, 2017 at 11:21 am

Celebrity divorce in the headlines

Jamie and Louise Redknapp may not be at the same level as a power couple as the Beckham’s, but for me they are close. My husband has been obsessed with Louise since her days with Eternal. When we first met he was considering having her band’s name painted on the side of his first car! Needless to say, the Redknapp marriage is a big deal in my house.

For the last few months I have followed the story closely of their alleged split. It completely fascinates me that every day there is a new angle in the press. Is Louise wearing her wedding ring to the shop or night club? Does she look fed-up today?

A huge part of me thinks that this poor couple deserves some privacy and if they are having marital problems they should be left alone to deal with them as best they can. Once they have decided what their future is, that’s the time to make an announcement – should they wish to do so.

The other part of me (the gossip in me!) wonders whether they agreed to forego that privacy when they entered the public eye? As celebrities happy to give interviews when the going is good, do they then have to continue when everything falls out of place to satisfy the curiosity of us mere mortal folk?

The story has made me think about the ways in which a marriage might end and I am convinced that every situation really is unique. Whether you have been married for twenty or more years like the Redknapp’s or much shorter, it is a huge step to call time on any relationship.

All I can say is that I hope that if they are having marriage troubles, that the Redknapp’s have the support of their family and friends and that they perhaps give some consideration to marriage guidance counselling. I have met lots of clients over the years who have all told me that they found counselling invaluable.

In my view attending marriage counselling does not signal the end of a relationship, it is a firm sign that there is a commitment to try to explore ways to either repair what is broken or otherwise to try to find ways to work together whilst living apart.

I wonder whether the next thing we will hear is that either Louise or Jamie have taken legal advice from a family lawyer? Taking advice does not mean you are having a divorce, it just means you are equipping yourself with knowledge. I advise every potential client that information is vital. You need to know what would happen ‘if’…

I will continue to keep a keen eye on the headlines for any announcements the couple may make themselves. Whatever happens next, I hope that they and their two young children find a positive way through.

Rebecca Franklin
Divorce and family lawyer Birmingham

Blog Author - Rebecca Franklin

Rebecca FranklinRebecca Franklin

Rebecca is a divorce and family lawyer based in Birmingham.


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