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NACSA – Helping with the CSA

By , on Monday June 9, 2014 at 2:58 pm

NACSA is an organisation dedicated to helping all parents, family and friends who experience difficulties with the CSA. Their remit is to ensure that the Child Support legislation is applied correctly and to educate the public about the administrations and powers of the Child Support Agency.

With the extensive powers that CSA have to pursue maintenance and arrears, it is vitally important that assessments are correctly calculated. NACSA offer an assessment checking service to ensure that your assessments both past and present are correct. Please visit the website for details.

NACSA Survival Tips

  • If you are contacted by the CSA, don’t immediately assume that your ‘ex’ is out to get you. Very often the parent with care (PWC) has little or no control over the intervention of CSA.
  • Make sure the CSA put EVERYTHING in writing. At some stage you may need written proof.
  • Any verbal contact you have with CSA should be followed by a letter outlining the details of the call made. Make sure all letters are sent recorded delivery or registered post.
  • Keep ALL copies of any letters sent to or received from the CSA.
  • Talk to your ‘ex’. CSA can be problematic to both PWC and NRP, and now could be a good time to make your own private agreement and keep CSA out of the matter.
  • Go visit your MP who probably doesn’t understand the half of it…make sure s/he does!! Remember only MPs can change the law!!
  • Educate yourself. Find out your rights, and do not be afraid to challenge CSA.
  • Make sure your employer knows the rules for dealing with CSA.
  • Remember you are no longer alone. NACSA will offer support and guidance to your case issues specifically, as well as offering the popular discussion boards where you can meet and talk with like minded people.

For more useful advice and guidance on dealing with the CSA contact NACSA or visit their website.

NACSA PO BOX 4454, Dudley West Midlands, DY1 9AN.
Tel/Fax: 01384 572525

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