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4 essential facts for cohabiting couples

Cohabiting couples property, children and inheritance.

More and more couples are choosing to live together rather than marry. Cohabiting couple families are now the fastest growing family type (according to ONS data).  There are now 3.3 million cohabiting couple families in the UK. Unfortunately, many don’t realise their legal rights when it comes to their relationship, property, children and inheritance. This blog sets out just four of the most important considerations for a cohabiting couple with a family.

Why parents should not use their children as “weapons” in divorce

Why parents should not use their children as “weapons” in divorce.

Our mantra at Woolley & Co – and among many responsible family law specialists – is to make your divorce as amicable as possible. We know this is easier said than done. Divorce is a horrible thing for any family and emotions will be running high.

Titanic divorce battle might have been prevented by a prenup

Titanic divorce battle might have been prevented by a prenup.

There does appear to have been a spate of high profile divorce battles in the news recently. The one that has really caught my eye this week is that involving Margie Hanley and estranged husband Michael, and their “titanic” struggle over a holiday home in rural Ireland.

News from Alaska highlights treatment of pets in divorce

Pets are treated as property in English divorce Courts.

Some years ago, I was told about a case another family solicitor had been involved with. After lengthy court proceedings regarding a divorcing couple’s financial matters the parties had finally been able to resolve their differences and a consent order had been agreed at court.

Should anyone get a meal ticket for life when they divorce?

Graham and Maria Mills divorce case reinforces need for clean break.

“The inequality in divorce law laid bare”. The recent case of Graham and Maria Mills, decided by the Court of Appeal, has sparked widespread outrage, as Mrs Mills’ maintenance, first set when the couple divorced 15 years ago, was increased by almost a third. The court decided that she should be financially supported for life, despite having received virtually all the couple’s available capital when they first divorced.

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