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STOP before signing your divorce papers

Stop before signing your divorce papers.

With the Government pushing more and more people towards doing their own divorce (at least that’s how I think the government website reads) and more and more companies claiming to offer a cheap online divorce service I think it’s essential that you understand the implications of some of the paperwork and questions you are asked when you are a respondent in a divorce.

How to save time and money on your divorce

Money and time saved.

Getting divorced (or un-coupling as some celebs like to refer to it as), does not have to be either an expensive or lengthy exercise. I have been practising as a family lawyer for nearly 20 years so feel fairly confident that I have the experience and expertise to pass on some useful tips to help you save time and money if you are contemplating divorce.

5 reasons for an expat to divorce in England

5 reasons to divorce in England.

When faced with a breakdown of your marriage, things can be complicated enough but if your situation also has an international element, things can be even harder to work through as often there is more than one country that could deal with your divorce.

Family lawyers help with a parent’s worst nightmare

International parental child abduction.

As family law solicitors we come across some really sad and upsetting cases at times, none more challenging than cases of parental child abduction. Over the past two years I have noticed an increase in calls from father’s who literally say “my worst nightmare” has happened – my ex-partner has taken our children abroad. This is often the start of lengthy, costly and highly emotional parental child abduction proceedings.

Four steps to a fair financial settlement on divorce

Four steps to a financial settlement.

Over the years it has become apparent that in order to reach an agreement on financial claims within divorce proceedings people, both lawyers and clients, can approach things in a slightly haphazard manner which can create difficulties and ultimately add time, stress and cost, often unnecessarily. 

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