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Why Cafcass has a vital role to play in divorce and separation

Vital role of Cafcass in divorce.

Cafcass stands for Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service and its role in children proceedings is both to make sure children's voices are heard and that decisions are taken in their best interests (which is not always the same thing – what a child says he or she wants and what he or she may need can be quite different).

Depp’s marriage split highlights pre-nup stigma

Are prenups unromantic?.

Film star Johnny Depp’s split from wife Amber Heard has highlighted the stigma that still surrounds prenuptial agreements, as far as I can see.

After news of the couple’s split hit the headlines, there has been massive speculation about what will happen to his £400 million after it was revealed the couple did not sign a legal agreement when they married over what would happen to the assets in the event of a divorce.

Divorce from abroad doesn’t have to be difficult

Divorce from abroad doesn’t have to be difficult.

The world is getting much smaller these days and there are an increasing number of British ex pats living and working abroad. Despite the attractions and delights of foreign countries and the often much improved weather, sadly this does not mean problems in a couples’ marriage are avoided. In fact, it can often be the case that adjusting to a new culture and living far away from family and friends starts the downwards spiral towards separation and ultimately divorce.

Separated parents advised to plan well in advance for holidays

Childrens' holidays for separated parents.

As we get closer to the school summer holidays people's thoughts will be turning to trips to the seaside and holidays abroad. It's also this time of year when solicitors start getting enquiries from divorced and separated parents about being able to take their children away on holiday.

Relate research paints distressing picture of relationships

Relate relationship research.

When I took a call a few weeks ago from my local newspaper asking for a comment on a report stating that 2.87 million Britons were in ‘distressed relationships’ I was at first stumped. Where had these frightening figures come from, and what did they really tell us?

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