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Brussels Spouts


There is pressure from the EU for all member states to have the same divorce laws. There is already a lot of difficulty working out which country can deal with the case which is important here as many people understandably prefer to get a UK divorce.

Sensible on the face of it, given the number of marriages between people from 2 different states. But which laws?

For example:

Sweden: maintenance unusual

Germany: capital acquired during marriage is 50/50 (Watch out successful business people or footballers!)

Italy: aim is to give "weaker spouse" the same standard of living as during the marriage! (Watch out Silvio!)

Cyprus: one third of capital during marriage is given to the "weaker" spouse.

It is easy to foresee significant problems over this aim not to mention problems of differing views on civil partnerships, prenuptial agreements and "custody" of children.

Andrew Woolley
Divorce Solicitor

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