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Church organist to marry fairground ride

Many of our clients, who come to us to get a divorce, often question what the attraction was for them towards their spouse in the first place.

But I read (in the Telegraph no less!) that Amy Wolfe of Pennsylvania intends to marry a fairground ride manufactured by the Weber company. She will change her name to Weber after the ceremony. Apparently she was "instantly attracted to him sexually and mentally". She sleeps with "his" spare nuts and bolts to help her feel closer.

I understand she claims they have a fulfilling physical relationship. This may be important as I was starting to wonder how the marriage would be consummated to avoid proceedings for an annulment, a nullity!

I imagine the ride is worth quite a bit so hope he has considered a prenuptial agreement now they are likely to be upheld by the Courts.

I hope this relationship makes her happy. It seems she is not a jealous lady and says she does not feel bad when she sees others riding him. So, a divorce on the grounds of adultery or unreasonable behaviour sound unlikely at this stage.

Good luck to her.

Andrew Woolley
Divorce Solicitor


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