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Dave and Nick to the rescue


So the results are in and the deals are done. All that remains now is to see some policies.

The Dave and Nick show has gone live and they have bound themselves together for five years, as if about to embark upon a marathon three-legged race. At least that means there will be no secret on when the next general election will be. First Thursday in May, 2015. You heard it here first.

They could end up tripping each other up though.

Despite my reservations, I do have high hopes of something positive coming out of this alliance to benefit us all, not just Nick Clegg having a back door key to Number 10 so he can let himself in whenever he wants.

Before the election, David Cameron pledged to put family policies at the heart of Government. As I said in my blog the other day, there is a certain amount of overlap between Lib Dem and Tory pledges on this, relating to shared maternity pay, flexible working, reformed tax credits and cutting back on Child Trust Fund payments.

What we need now is some action. We need to see that issues affecting millions of families across the UK are being taken seriously and put high on the political agenda. And we need to see that the two uneasy bedfellows can make their policies work.

So the sooner Dave and Nick stop hugging each other and swing into action like the superheroes they claim to be, the better.

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