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Football should not be final whistle for relationships


Many people across the country would shout at me for saying it is not a life and death outcome, but it’s really not, is it?

It may well be that by the time I have finished writing this and post it online, England’s footballing adventure in Poland and the Ukraine at the Euro 2012 finals will already be over, or maybe not. At least this time round people’s hopes weren’t artificially high to start with. Usually we expect to storm to victory in every competition only to stumble, badly, at the first hurdle. It seems this time no one expected anything, though by simply not losing against France you could see more people start to “believe” in the team.

There is no doubt that football, any football but particularly a high profile international competition, provokes high emotion. At these times, even those who pay only passing (no pun intended) attention to club football and league tables, don an England shirt and make sure they find a television for kick-off. So it can lead to increased tensions in the home, both because people might be behaving out of character and because those passionate about the game let emotions boil over if things don’t go their way – or sometimes if they do.

Alcohol can often play a part as well, which can only fuel the potential flashpoints, creating crucibles in front rooms and pubs across the country which can leave relationships in tatters.

My advice on keeping calm and ensuring a relationship doesn’t end up on the losing side - treat each match like a successful penalty shootout: keep calm, keep your nerve and enjoy the moment together with your partner and family.

Andrew Woolley
Family solicitor

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