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Gays, surrogacy and ignorance


As The Guardian reported,  the law has now changed to make it easier for gay couples to have chidren via the surrogacy route and be named as "parents" on the birth certificate. Indeed it will be possible, for the first time, for two men to be named as parents on the birth certificate.

Fertility law, surrogacy and same sex parenting is a complex area, albeit now somewhat simplified, but the article under the preceeding link gives an outline.

What amazes me is the reaction in the Guardian Blog! The amount of fury and apparent hatred of anything "gay" was something I thought had long gone. But no.

In my opinion, the law is simply changing to accord with the reality of modern life. It should always do this or it becomes out dated, irrelevant and falls into disprepute and therefore less likely to be followed.

Two men, bringing up a child, are the parents of the child. That is it, get used to it. What is the problem?

Or have I missed something?

Andrew Woolley
Divorce and Family Solicitor
Married (to a woman as it happens) and Parent

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