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Grandparents demand easier access to children


Four in ten grandparents lose contact with their grandchildren after the parents split up, new research has found.  Divorce solicitors are well used to being asked about grandparents rights.

Of 211 grandparents questioned on behalf of Families Need Fathers and the Grandparents' Association, 55 per cent said that, prior to the parents separating, they were directly involved in their grandchildren's care. However, two-thirds said that they were prevented from caring for their grandchildren following a family breakdown.

MPs including Stuart Jackson, shadow minister for Communities and Local Government, and Susan Kramer, the Liberal Democrat MP for Richmond Park and North Kingston met with members of the group at the launch of the report.

Television presenter Gloria Hunniford introduced the report, Beyond the Nuclear: Including the Wider Family.

Under the Children Act 1989, any adult who has lived as part of a family for three years has an automatic right to apply for contact with the children, including step-parents. However, the right does not extend to grandparents, who have to ask a court for permission before they can apply for contact.!!

Andrew Woolley
Divorce Solicitor


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I feel I could write a book on this topic as a Grand Mother, who despite my ex daughter in law introducing me to my Grandson
every 3 -4 years, has her Xmas pressies/Birthday pressies sorted, then cuts us off without a bye, or leave!

Now that is where the law is an A** as I am the only member she brings him back to??? I am now seeking links with the encouragement of a member here - a family therapist, who sent me the Family Therapy Unit web link, based at the University of Glamorgan, while my son has been advised (yet again) to get a Solicitor!
Despite numerous family mediation attempts, she never shows!!!

So here I am again (been here before) after having his 11th Birthday card and stories returned in the post bent, rendered neutered all over again!

Now in 2009 that can’t be healthy for anyone, least of all my grandson?

Familiar - You bet!

Carolyn ( never giving up! )

Keeping you fighting fit for your business


By Carolyn Williams on Thursday June 18, 2009

My son met this girl and without knowing me SHE SHUNNED ME..
  my son changed,  and now my grandson is nealy 11 and I have not seen him for years.  She rejjects me, from that day she met my son, it has been hell to see my Son and grandson…....

By CHERYL watson on Saturday July 24, 2010

It is incredible, isn’t it, that the important relationship of grandparents and grandchild is not seen as important by so many?

Happily, it seems the new government is intending to change the law to that of an assumption of contact which will help a little.

But the only real thing that will sort this out is a change of attitude. After all, you “cannot shake hands with a clenched fist”....

By Andrew Woolley on Monday July 26, 2010

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