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Grandparents rights revisited—time to DO something.


I have blogged before about Grandparents Rights. Did you know there aren't any?

Well, not automatically anyway. Only with permission of the parents or the Court. What a disgrace.

As you'll read in my previous Blog, about 42% of grandparents lose contact with their grandhcildren after the parents split up. 42%!

This removes from the children a major potential source of support and unconditional love at a time when surely they need it most. The Government should do what it can to stem this loss by ruling that grandparents have an automatic right to keep in contact with their grandchildren. Failure to do this is a slap in the face for this large group of people affected by divorce and relationship breakdown.

Even Gloria Hunniford (a campaigner for grandparents rights) agrees with me! She is quoted recently as saying "It is time for the Government to harness the love and attention that grandparents yearn to give to their families."


Andrew Woolley
Divorce Solicitor

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