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Living together but apart

Due perhaps to the recession and downturn in the housing and jobs markets, many couples who split up now have to continue living "together", that is apart but in the same house. It doesn't take a divorce lawyer to explain how difficult that can be.

Many of our lawyers are members of Resolution, a grouping of lawyers which promotes minimising conflict in family disputes and encouraging solutions that meet the needs of the whole family. This is a link to their Factsheet on avoiding conflict.

Some FAQs:

Living together and apart, but can we still go for 2 years separation divorce? Yes, provided you are clearly apart even if in the same house. So try to avoid eating and sleeping together and ideally agree to separate bill payments.

It is not adultery if it takes place after we've separated, is it? Yes, it is. Take care.

What is the single most important thing for us to remember? The children need you both.

Andrew Woolley
Divorce Solicitor


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