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Maths can tell you if you’ll divorce

Apparently, Oxford University professor James Murray has successfully devised a calculation which will very accurately predict whether a couple who have just married will divorce or not.

His study was of 700 couples and he followed up over 12 years. Astonishingly, his formula was accurate 94% of the time. Of course, though, it would automatically be correct about 50% (or more) anyway as about 50% of couples end up getting a divorce. But nevetheless the study is suprisingly impressive.

It does presumably assume that nobody changes, has therapy or couples counselling. We'd be keen to know if it can be used to predict which couples would use mediation or collaborative law which is something we try to encourage.

Would I take the test personally? You have got to be joking, I'd be worried it would out the "hex" on my marriage!

Andrew Woolley
Divorce lawyer


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